Measuring progress in resilience-building is an essential tool for organisations and communities to use in shaping current projects and demonstrating impact to donors and local investors.


  1. Roadmap to Community Resilience
  2. Flood Resilience measurement tool from the Zurich Alliance
  3. DevelopmentCheck does third-party monitoring of humanitarian and development projects. Essentially, they train and equip local volunteers to monitor project taking place in their communities, the information is uploaded by the volunteers to the DevelopmentCheck website and used to advocate for improvements to projects that are not meeting the stated objectives. This community engagement and advocacy leads to pressure on the donors and implementing agencies to fix the problems.


  1. Measuring institutional capacity — In Central Asia, the IFRC and the 5 Red Crescent national societies are developing an organisational resilience capacity index (ORCI), an aggregate index  of sub-indices for capabilities, systems, resources, partnerships and networks – at both national and sub-national levels. Source: IFRC Central Asia Resilience Strategy (2018-2022)
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