Catapult Satellite Applications hosted a unique workshop on applying technology and innovation at scale for 1BC. During the first day delegates were split into four tables with different thematic areas including Civil Society, Business Resilience, Policy & Advocacy, and Operational Response. The participants explored these areas through three activities to:

  1. review aims and objectives for each thematic area in relation to community resilience and identify existing services as well as capability gaps
  2. look at how the aims of each thematic area could be supported through links to the other areas – e.g. through the sharing of critical information to support more informed decision making.
  3. identify the most critical links and services that are  required for each theme and begin creating a roadmap for a solution that was based on an understanding of the user needs, broader thematic context, and underlying technology capabilities.

The second day was an opportunity for application developers with existing services relevant to the
1BC initiative to present their ideas to a mixture of funders and experts to receive feedback on their
ideas, build connections, and solidify their place in the coalition.

For more details, see the summary report from the workshop.