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Traditional farms were small communities where people worked and lived together - and depended on each other for their physical and mental wellbeing - i.e. strengthening their resilience through social interdependence and shared emotions. With the mechanisation of agriculture and urbanisation, these communities have disappeared and people in developed countries now mostly rely on the state and the private sector to protect them against shocks (like fire and floods) and to mitigate adverse effects of social change on mental wellbeing.
We believe humans can only thrive if they connect with other humans, in a natural environment, without the mediation of a bureaucracy, or even a phone app. The Ferme de Marsillon is an active farm on the outskirts of geneva that aims to bring people together and change mindsets, encouraging people to see the worrld through the eyes of farmers and artists, to find physical, mental and spiritual balance in daily activities, like eating proper food, exchanging local quality produce and services with artwork (hence the local currency called marsillon) and engaging in conversations around a different and more authentic future where normal people can reclaim their humanity and build their resilience on human capital rather than impersonal bureaucratic processes.

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Gabriel Pictet